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Profunda brachial artery

Other Terms: Profunda brachii artery, Arteria profunda brachii, Artère profonde du bras


The profunda brachial artery is the largest branch of the axillary artery. It arises from the medial and dorsal aspect of the upper end of the brachial artery. Turning backward, it enters the radial groove with the radial nerve. In the groove, it passes behind the humerus, between the medial and the lateral heads of the triceps to the radial side of the arm. It then pierces the lateral intermuscular septum and continues downward between the brachialis and the brachioradialis muscles to the elbow. Here, it anastomoses with the radial recurrent. In its course it sends branches to supply the deltoid, the coracobrachialis, and the triceps muscles, and one branch to anastomose with the circumflex arteries. This branch plays an important part in the collateral circulation after ligation of the main vessel in this locality. It gives off a large posterior articular branch which passes straight down the humerus from the radial groove to the back of the elbow-joint. It is accompanied by the branch of the radial nerve supplying the anconeus muscle. It anastomoses with the interosseous recurrent, the inferior ulnar collateral, and the posterior ulnar arteries.


Arteria profunda brachii


Artère profonde du bras


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