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Right coronary artery

Other Terms: Right coronary arterial tree, Arteria coronaria dextra, Artère coronaire droite


The right coronary artery arises from the aortic sinus immediately above the free border of the right anterior semilunar valve. It passes forward between the pulmonary artery and the right auricle and then downward and lateral along the right coronary sulcus to the posterior surface of the heart. Here, it gives off a descending branch that passes along the posterior interventricular groove to anastomose at the apex with a similar branch from the left coronary in front. The right coronary continues into the posterior part of the left coronary sulcus to anastomose with a similar branch of the left coronary artery. On its way, it sends a branch along the margin of the right ventricle. It also It also gives off auricular branches to the right atrium and a ventricular branch to the front of the right ventricle, and branches to the roots of the aorta and to the pulmonary artery. It supplies both ventricles and the right atrium as well as the posterior interventricular septum.


Arteria coronaria dextra


Artère coronaire droite


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