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Left pulmonary artery

Other Terms: Left pulmonary arterial tree, Left main pulmonary artery, Arteria pulmonalis sinistra, Artère pulmonaire gauche


The left pulmonary artery passes directly lateral anterior to the descending thoracic aorta and the left bronchus to the root of the left lung. This is where it divides into an upper and a lower branch for distribution to the upper and lower lobes of the left lung. The left pulmonary artery is in relation, below and posteriorly, with the left bronchus. The pulmonary veins lie below and anterior to it, and it is crossed anteriorly by the phrenic nerve and the left anterior pulmonary plexus, and posteriorly by the thoracic aorta, the left vagus nerve, and the posterior pulmonary plexus.


Arteria pulmonalis sinistra


Artère pulmonaire gauche


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