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Mitral (bicuspid) valve

Other Terms: Left atrioventricular valve, Bicuspid valve, Valva mitralis, Valva atrioventricularis sinistra, Valve atrio-ventriculaire gauche


The mitral valve, also called the bicuspid valve, is composed of two unequal flaps. It is formed like the tricuspid valve, but it is larger, stronger, and thicker. The larger, anterior cusp is on the aortic side of the opening, corresponding to the location of the tricuspid's largest cusp in relation to the pulmonary artery. The posterior cusp is behind and to the left. Two small segments are generally found at the junction of these cusps. The attachments of the chordae tendineae are similar to those of the tricuspid, but the chordae are fewer, thicker, and stronger. The portion of the ventricular cavity just below the aortic orifice has been called the aortic vestibule. Its walls are fibrous and do not collapse. This gives the aortic valves a better opportunity for action,


Valva mitralis


Valva atrioventricularis sinistra


Valve atrio-ventriculaire gauche


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