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Right atrium

Other Terms: Right atrium of heart, Atrium dextrum, Atrium cordis dextrum, Atrium droit, Rechter Atrium, Atrio derecho


The right atrium is thin. It is composed of an auricle, overlapping the origin of the aorta, and the main portion, called the sinus of the atrium. The openings of the right atrium are: the superior vena cava, the inferior vena cava, and the coronary sinus. The superior vena cava is located in the upper anterior part, bringing blood from the head, neck, upper extremities, and upper part of the thorax. The direction of the blood is toward the ventricular opening. The inferior vena cava is directed upward and medially at the lower part of the atrium. It hugs the diaphragm; the direction of the blood is toward the auricular septum. The orifice of the coronary sinus is situated between the preceding two and a little toward the ventricular opening. From it flows most of the venous blood collected from the heart by the cardiac veins. At its orifice is a fold of the lining membrane of the heart, the endocardium, which is called the valve of the coronary sinus.


Atrium dextrum


Atrium cordis dextrum


Atrium droit


Rechter Atrium


Atrio derecho


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