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Middle cervical ganglion

Other Terms: Middle cervical sympathetic ganglion, Ganglion cervicale medium, Ganglion cervical moyen


The middle cervical ganglion is the smallest of the three ganglia that lie in the side of the neck. It appears as a swelling upon the sympathetic cord. It may be absent in some cases. It rests upon or beneath the inferior thyroid artery, opposite the transverse process of the sixth cervical vertebra. It communicates with two spinal nerves. It gives off communicating branches to the superior and inferior cervical ganglia and to the fifth and sixth cervical nerves and the middle cardiac nerve. The communicating branch to the superior ganglion is the cord of the sympathetic nerve. The communicating branches to the inferior ganglion are the main sympathetic cord, which passes behind the first portion of the subclavian artery and one or two nerves which form a loop in front of and below the artery called the subclavian loop. The thyroid branches accompany the inferior thyroid artery to the thyroid body. The middle cardiac nerve is the largest of the three cervical sympathetic cardiac nerves. It arises from the middle ganglion or the sympathetic cord just below it. It communicates with the superior cardiac and the recurrent laryngeal nerve, and passes in front of or behind the first portion of the subclavian artery, entering the deep cardiac plexus.


Ganglion cervicale medium


Ganglion cervical moyen


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