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Palatine process

Other Terms: Processus palatinus (maxilla), Processus palatinus maxillae


This is the flat, horizontal, medially projecting process that joins the same process of the opposite maxilla to form the anterior part of the hard palate. It forms the anterior roof of the mouth and floor of the nasal cavity. It is thicker anteriorly and becomes progressively thinner posteriorly.


Palatine derives from the Latin term palatum designating the roof of the mouth. It is of doubtful origin, possibly related to the Latin words pabular or pascere meaning to feed. Process is a term used in anatomy to describe a projection on a bone. It comes from the Latin pro- meaning forward and cessus for gone. It is an old term that can be traced back to the writings of the early anatomist Celsus.


Processus palatinus maxillae


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