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Rectus femoris

Other Terms: Quadriceps femoris, Musculus rectos femoris, Musculus rectus femoris, Muscle droit de la cuisse

Muscle parts

Straight head; Reflected head

Latin name

Musculus quadriceps femoris – Musculus rectus femoris

Latin muscle parts

Caput rectum; Caput reflexum


Thigh muscle – anterior compartment


The English name for this muscle is the straight muscle of the thigh. The word rectus is Latin for “straight.” The word femur is Latin for “thigh.”


Anterior inferior spine of the ilium (straight tendon); superior groove of the acetabulum and from the anterior surface of the fibrous capsule of the hip joint (reflected tendon)


Tibial tuberosity (the patella is a sesamoid bone within the quadriceps tendon, the combined tendon of the rectus and vasti muscles; proximal to the patella the tendon is named the quadriceps tendon, distal to the patella the tendon is called the patellar ligament)


Flexion of the hip; extension of the knee.

Nerve supply

Femoral nerve (L2, L3,and L4)

Blood supply

From proximal to distal, the muscle is supplied by the deep femoral artery, the femoral artery, the descending branch of the lateral circumflex artery, and from the genicular anastomoses around the knee.


Musculus rectus femoris


Muscle droit de la cuisse


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