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Jugular fossa

Other Terms: Fossa jugularis, Fosse jugulaire


This is a variable sized concavity on the rough inferior surface of the petrous temporal bone. It is posterior to the carotid foramen. This surface holds the bulbous portion of the internal jugular vein as it drains from the sigmoid venous sinus.


The term jugular is a Latin term applied to the neck or throat. The 16th Century anatomist Jacques Dubois, or Sylvius as he was known, was the first to use it. It comes from the Latin word jugulum meaning throat that comes from jugum for yoke, possibly because yokes were worn around the neck or throat. Its use here is concerning the internal jugular vein. Fossa comes from the Latin fodere meaning to dig. The Latin fossa, then, literally translates as a ditch, trench, or hole.


Fossa jugularis


Fosse jugulaire


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