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Right crus

Other Terms: External sphincter of esophagus, Right crus of diaphragm, Crus dextrum (Diaphragma), Crus dextrum diaphragmatis


The right diaphragmatic crus arises as a deep tendinous band that blends with the anterior longitudinal ligament, intervertebral discs, and bodies of the upper three lumbar vertebrae. From this tendinous origin the muscle forms a superficial body of muscle fibers that cover the anterior lateral surface of its vertebrae of origin. The fibers diverge as they approach the central tendon of the diaphragm, the lateral fibers merging with those from the right medial arcuate ligament, while the medial fibers split to surround the esophagus as it enters the abdominal cavity. The more superficial medial fibers pass to the left of the esophagus and the deeper group of medial fibers pass to the right side of the esophagus.


Crus dextrum (Diaphragma)


Crus dextrum diaphragmatis


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