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Humeral head of extensor carpi ...

Other Terms: Caput humerale musculus extensoris carpi ulnaris

Muscle parts

Humeral head; Ulnar head

Latin name

Musculus extensor carpi ulnaris

Latin muscle parts

Caput humerale; Caput ulnare


Antebrachial muscle – posterior compartment – lateral group


In English this muscle’s name is the muscle on the ulnar side that straightens the wrist. The word extensor comes from the Latin ex meaning “out from” and tendere meaning “to stretch.” Carpi is the genitive form of the Latin carpus meaning “wrist.” Ulnaris is used in reference to the muscle’s position on the ulnar side of the forearm. This term comes from the Latin ulna meaning “elbow,” which is derived from the Greek olene.


Lateral epicondyle of humerus via common extensor tendon and from the posterior border of the ulna


Medial side of the base of the 5th metacarpal bone


Extension of the wrist; adduction (ulnar deviation) of the wrist

Nerve supply

Radial nerve (C7 and C8)

Blood supply

The recurrent interosseous branch of the posterior interosseous artery and the posterior interosseous artery itself provide blood to the muscle.


Caput humerale musculus extensoris carpi ulnaris


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