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Iliocostalis lumborum

Other Terms: Musculus iliocostalis lumborum, Muscle ilio-costal des lombes

Muscle parts

Lumbar part or lateral division of lumbar erector spinae; Thoracic part

Latin name

Musculus iliocostalis lumborum

Latin muscle parts

Pars lumbalis or divisio lateralis musculus erectores spinae lumborum; Pars thoracica


Epaxial muscle – Erector spinae – Iliocostalis


The English name for this muscle is the muscle between the groin, or flank, and the ribs in the loin region. The word iliocostalis comes from the Latin words ilium meaning “groin, or flank,” and costa meaning “rib.” Lumborum comes from the Latin lumbus for “loin.”


Posterior iliac crest and adjoining costal part of sacrum


Tip of transverse processes of L1 to L5 and lower borders of ribs 6 to 12 near the angle


Extension of the vertebral column; assist with lateral flexion of vertebral column;; postural stabilization of vertebral column.

Nerve supply

Dorsal rami of thoracic and lumbar spinal nerves (T7 to L3)

Blood supply

Dorsal branches of the lumbar arteries from the aorta. Dorsal branches of the lateral sacral artery from the internal iliac artery.


Musculus iliocostalis lumborum


Muscle ilio-costal des lombes


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