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Spinotransversales muscles

Other Terms: Splenius muscles, Spinotransversales, Spinotransversales set, Musculi spinotransversales, Muscle interépineux


The spinotransversales muscles are the superficial-most epaxial muscles and are only present in the superior half of the vertebral column. This group is comprised of two named muscles — the splenius capitis and splenius cervicis. They span from the midthoracic region to the base of the occipital bone. On average, individual muscle fibers within each muscle span multiple vertebral levels. As their name suggests, the fibers attach to the spinous processes of the vertebrae and course laterally to attach to the vertebral transverse processes. These flat bands of muscle are primary extensors of the upper vertebral column and head. Like all epaxial muscles, they are innervated by the posterior (dorsal) ramus of the spinal nerves.


Musculi spinotransversales


Muscle interépineux


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