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Posterior belly of the digastricus

Muscle parts

Anterior belly; Posterior belly

Latin name

Musculus digastricus

Latin muscle parts

Venter anterior; Venter posterior


Branchial arch muscle – first arch – anterior belly (Suprahyoid muscle) Branchial arch muscle – second arch – posterior belly (Suprahyoid muscle)


The English name of this muscle is the muscle with double bellies. Digastricus arises from a conjunction of the Greek dis meaning “double, or twice,” and gaster, which means “belly or stomach.”


Mastoid notch of the temporal bone


Digastric fossa of the mandible


Depresses the mandible and elevates hyoid bone while pulling it posteriorly; active during swallowing

Nerve supply

Anterior belly - Trigeminal nerve (cranial nerve V) and posterior belly - facial nerve (cranial nerve VII)

Blood supply

Posterior belly is supplied by the occipital artery; anterior belly is supplied by the submental branch of the facial artery and the mylohyoid branch of the inferior alveolar artery.


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