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Pars alaris

Other Terms: Dilatator naris, Dilator naris, Pars alaris (Musculus nasalis), Pars alaris musculus nasalis

Muscle parts

Transverse part; Alar part

Latin name

Musculus nasalis

Latin muscle parts

Pars transversa; Pars alaris


Branchial arch muscle – second arch (Facial muscle)


In English, this muscle’s name is the muscle of the nose. The word nasalis comes from the Latin nassus meaning “nose.”


Anterior surface of the frontal process of the maxilla, the transverse part of the muscle arises lateral to the nasal notch and the alar part arises just below the transverse part


Transverse part merges with its opposite muscle and the procerus in an aponeurosis over the nasal bone. The alar part attaches to the alar cartilage of the nose.


The transverse fibers of this muscle compress the nasal alar cartilages to close the nasal openings, while the alar fibers of the muscle draw the nasal alae downward and laterally to help open the external nares.

Nerve supply

Facial nerve (Cranial nerve VII)

Blood supply

Lateral nasal branch of the superior labial branch from the facial artery.


Pars alaris musculus nasalis


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