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Omental (epiploic) foramen

Other Terms: Aditus to lesser sac, Foramen of Winslow, Foramen omentale (epiploicum), Omental foramen, Foramen epiploicum, Foramen omentale, Foramen omental


The epiploic foramen is found just below the neck of the gallbladder. This foramen is bound anteriorly by the right, free border of the duodenohepatic ligament, the fold forming the right termination of the lesser omentum, between the two layers of which are the hepatic artery, the portal vein, and the hepatic duct. It bound posteriorly by the inferior vena cava, which is covered by the peritoneum. Superiorly, it is bound by the caudate lobe of the liver and inferiorly, by the first portion of the duodenum and the hepatic artery, curving forward from the celiac trunk


Foramen epiploicum


Foramen omentale


Foramen omental


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