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Tendon of fibularis tertius

Other Terms: Tendon of peroneus tertius

Muscle parts


Latin name

Musculus fibularis tertius or Musculus peroneus tertius

Latin muscle parts



Crural muscle – anterior compartment


The English name for this muscle is the third muscle of the pointed bone. The word peroneus is from the Greek perone meaning “anything sharp or pointed.” This was an alternate term for the fibula, which is a Latin word designating a “buckle or brooch.” It arises from the Latin word figo meaning “to fasten.” In some animals the bone is short and pointed at its distal end where it abuts the tibia. This appearance resembled a needle to its brooch. Tertius is the Latin term meaning “third.”


Medial surface of the distal third of the fibula and the adjacent interosseous membrane (fibers blend with the extensor digitorum longus).


Medial side of the dorsal surface of the base of 5th metatarsal and down onto the shaft of this bone.


Dorsal flexion of the ankle joint; eversion of the foot

Nerve supply

Deep peroneal nerve (L5 and S1)

Blood supply

The muscle receives branches from the anterior tibial artery, anterior lateral malleolar artery, perforating branch of the peroneal artery, a branch from the arcuate artery, and the fourth dorsal metacarpal artery.


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