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Connective Tissue Proper


Connective tissue proper is one of the four subcategories of connective tissue in the body. It is often referred to as the general connective tissue of the body. It includes the typical soft connective tissues such as, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and fats. Functionally, it is the basic glue of the body that binds and wraps the other tissues and structures of the body together. It is the most widespread tissue in the body and is distributed around and within almost all other tissues in the body. The following are key features of connective tissue proper: 1) a greater ratio of extracellular material to cells; 2) the extracellular material, secreted by the cells, consists of fibers dispersed in a viscous water solution of various macromolecules, which forms the stable framework that supports the widely separated cells; 3) it has scattered cells some which are permanent residents (fibrocytes and adipocytes) and others which migrate in from the circulating blood (various white blood cells).


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