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Cranial sutures

Other Terms: Cranial sutures, Cranial sutures set, Sutura cranii, Sutures crâniennes de la téte


The various sutural joints found within the cranium are synarthroses. These are typically narrow joints filled with dense collagenous connective tissue. There are five basic types of sutural joints that are classified by the structure of their articular surfaces. The five types are: 1) plane suture, 2) squamous suture, 3) serrate suture, 4) denticulate suture, and 5) schindylesis. During development the sutures represent growth areas between neighboring bones of the cranium. In the adult skull various sutures serve as areas of shock absorption and force transduction, while some ossify to become synostoses.


Sutura cranii


Sutures crâniennes de la téte


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