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Other Terms: Ligaments of the radius and ulna


The proximal end of the radius and ulna articulate within the structure of the elbow joint. This articular anatomy is covered with the elbow joint. Along the entire shaft of the radius and ulna, an interosseous membrane unites the two bones. This is a synarthrotic joint that functions both as a binding structure between the adjacent bones and also as a large surface area for muscle attachment. In addition to the interosseous membrane, a syndesmotic ligament, the oblique cord, also helps to bind the radius to the ulna. At the distal end of the antebrachial skeleton, the radius and ulna form a distal radio-ulnar joint. This is a pivot joint that is associated with the anatomy of the wrist capsule. The proximal and distal radio-ulnar joints participate in the movements of pronation and supination.


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