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Bulb of vestibule

Other Terms: Vestibular bulb, Bulbus vestibuli, Bulbe du vestibule, Vestibuläre Birne, Bulbo del vestíbulo


The bulbs of the vestibule, the homologues of the bulbs of the penis, are two small pyriform erectile bodies situated one upon each side of the vestibule, behind the labia minora, beneath the bulbo-cavernosus muscles, and on the superficial surface of the inferior layer of the urogenital diaphragm. They are about two and one-half centimeters (one inch) in length, and are composed of a plexus of veins communicating with the veins of the clitoris. Each bulb is surrounded by a fibrous capsule derived from the inferior layer of the urogenital diaphragm. The narrow anterior extremities of the bulbs unite at the lower part of the root of the clitoris and extend forward as the slender corpus spongiosum.


Bulbus vestibuli


Bulbe du vestibule


Vestibuläre Birne


Bulbo del vestíbulo


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