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Round ligament of uterus

Other Terms: Hunter's ligament, Ligamentum teres uteri, Ligament rond de l'utérus


The round ligaments are composed of muscular and connective tissue. They extend from the sides of the uterus to which they are attached immediately below and in front of the uterine tubes, and curve upward and lateralward beneath the anterior layers of the broad ligaments to reach the brim of the pelvis. Each ligament then crosses the external iliac vessels and turns forward to the lateral side of the deep (inferior) epigastric artery, where it passes through the internal abdominal ring to enter the inguinal canal. The round ligament while in the inguinal canal receives additional muscle fibers that correspond to the cremaster muscle of the male.


Ligamentum teres uteri


Ligament rond de l'utérus


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