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Manubrium of the sternum

Other Terms: Manubrium of sternum, Manubrium sterni


This is the broad handle-like portion of the bone. It is the cranial segment and articulates with the clavicles and the first two pairs of ribs. The superior margin is concave forming the jugular or suprasternal notch. Just lateral to this are the deep clavicular notches for the sternal ends of the clavicles. The external lamellae of compact bone are thick, especially in the cranial third. The handle forms a notched lateral projection for the reception of the first costal cartilage. The junction of the lateral and inferior borders forms a shallow demifacet that contributes to the upper half of the second costal notch. The anterior and posterior surfaces of the bone provide attachment to muscles.


Manubrium is a Latin term meaning the handle. It arises from the Latin manus for hand plus hibrium that comes from the verb habere meaning to hold. It signifies the part held by the hand.


Manubrium sterni


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