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Cricoid cartilage

Other Terms: Cartilago cricoidea, Cartilage cricoïde


The ring-like cricoid cartilage is the foundation of the larynx. Both the thyroid and arytenoid cartilages form mobile synovial attachments to the strong, stable cricoid cartilage above and the cricoid is firmly anchored to the trachea below. This hyaline cartilage structure is the sole laryngeal cartilage that forms a complete ring around the upper airway. It is narrow and thick in front and forms a tall thin plate of cartilage posteriorly where it reinforces the posterior wall of the larynx. They provide attachment for numerous muscles of the larynx. Like the other laryngeal cartilages, it grows much more rapidly in the male after puberty.


Cartilago cricoidea


Cartilage cricoïde


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