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The nerves and arteries of the deep layers of the neck and of the axilla. (Sixth layer of neck, deeper layer of the axilla.)
The deep veins and arteries of the neck and the great venous and arterial truncks of the thorax.
The superficial veins of the neck and of the subclavicular fossa.
Photo - Semispinalis capitis and longissimus captitis muscles
Photo - Muscles of back and neck
Photo - Muscles of neck
Photo - Semispinalis capitis muscle
Photo - Suboccipital muscles
Illustration - Tributaries of the external jugular vein
Illustration - Superior vena cava and it's tributaries
Photo - Muscles and nerves of tongue
Photo - Muscles of the head - layer 5
Photo - Head muscles and mandibular nerve (V3)
Photo - Hypoglossal nerve and tongue muscles
Photo - Muscles of the head
Photo - Head and tongue muscles - layer 8
Photo - Temporalis muscle
Photo - Tongue muscles and maxillary sinus - layer 10
Photo - Head muscles - layer 4
Photo - Head muscles
Photo - Head and tongue muscles
Illustration - Superficial muscles of the neck with platysma removed
The large venous trunks of the thoracic cavity as viewed from in front and somewhat from the right.
The nerves and vessels of the posterior and external walls of the pharynx.
The nerves and arteries of the tongue and of the larynx as seen from below and in front.
 The nerves, arteries, and evins of the left side of the neck. (Third layer of neck.)