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Superficial dissection of abdominal cavity - anterior view
Abdominal cavity with greater omentum reflected - anterior view
Illustration - The right pleural cavity - lung removed
Illustration - Heart
Illustration - Heart
Illustration - The right atrium and ventricle opened along the right border of the heart
Illustration - The heart enclosed in pericardium - anterior view
Illustration - The transverse sinus of the pericardium as seen from the right side
Illustration - Superior vena cava and it's tributaries
Photo - Cervicothoracic junction
The arteries and veins of the heart as seen from in front (Sternocostal surface).
The arteries and veins of the heart as seen from behind and below (Diaphragmatic surface).
The large venous trunks of the thoracic cavity as viewed from in front and somewhat from the right.
The deep veins and arteries of the neck and the great venous and arterial truncks of the thorax.