• Orbital surface of the maxilla
  • Infraorbital canal
  • Infraorbital foramen
  • Canine fossa
  • Nasal incisure
  • Anterior nasal spine
  • Maxillary tuberosity
  • Lacrimal groove
  • Conchal crest of the maxilla
  • Maxillary hiatus
  • Greater palatine sulcus of maxilla
  • Maxillary sinus
  • Anterior lacrimal crest
  • Lacrimal incisure
  • Ethmoid crest
  • Zygomatic process of maxilla
  • Palatine process
  • Nasal crest of the maxilla
  • Incisive fossa and canals
  • Palatine spine
  • Palatine sulcus
  • Alveolar arch of the maxilla
  • Dental alveoli of the maxilla
  • Interalveolar septa of the maxilla
  • Incisive foramen
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3D - Skull
3D - Skull with muscle attachments
3D - Maxilla
Illustration - Bones of the hard palate
Illustration - Bones of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity and hard palate
Illustration - Bones of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity - middle nasal concha removed
Illustration - Pterygopalatine fossa with zygomatic arch removed
Illustration - Newborn cranium (skull)
Illustration - Newborn cranium (skull)
Illustration - Cranium (skull)
Illustration - Cranium (skull)
Illustration - Cranium (skull)  with mandible removed
Illustration - Osseous nasal septum in situ
Illustration - Maxilla
Illustration - Maxilla
Illustration - Nasal surface of hard palate in situ
Illustration - Maxilla and palate bones in situ
Illustration - Maxilla, palate bone, inferior nasal conchae and part of the ethmoid
Illustration - Bones of the orbit
Illustration - Bones of the face with lateral wall of orbit removed
Illustration - Orbit and maxillary sinus with medial walls removed
Illustration - Frontal section of facial region in the plane of the crista galli
Illustration - The floor of the orbit seen from above with orbital roof removed
Cross section of head - level 6
Cross section of head - level 5
Illustration - Vestibular surface of permanent teeth in situ
Illustration - Dentition of a child in the first year - in situ
Illustration - Occlusal surface of upper deciduous teeth of a four year old child
Illustration - Skull of a five year old child with deciduous and permanent teeth
Illustration - Skull of a five year old child showing dentition