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The vessels and nerves of the sole of the foot (middle layer).
the nerves of the lumbar plexus and the blood-vessels of the posterior abdominal wall.
The large vascular and nervous trunks of the posterior thoracic wass as viewed from in front and somewhat from the right
The vessels of the female genitalia as seen from the left side.
Photo - Muscles of the head - layer 5
 A posterior view of a portion of the spinal cord with its membranes.
A frontal transverse section of the temporal lobe and of the contiguous portions of the interbrain and midbrain.
A frontal section of the head in the region of the anterior portion of the sagittal suture.
Anterior view, dura mater reflected
Superior view of brain
Removal of the meninges, superior view of brain
Superior view of the brain, hemispheres pulled apart slightly
Superior view of the brain, dura reflected
Superior view of the brain, dura removed
Anterior view, thoracic region
Anterior view, cervical and thoracic regions, dura mater reflected